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In 2015, the journey of Suryatej Solar is started. As in the starting period the company has started working with the name “Surya Renewables India” later some issues have been observed because of the brand name. Then, suddenly after 6 months the name Surya Renewables India has been replaced with the name “Suryatej Solar”. Since the year of establishment with combined efforts of our entire team, we have improved our footprints in Maharashtra state. We have worked in various cities, villages with different range of customers. Today, Suryatej Solar has achieved the milestone of installation of 75,000 litres of water heating system, 122 kwp of solar power generation plants within 3 years across Maharashtra State.

All Roads Lead to Solar!


According to the survey of IEA (International Energy Agency) in 2016, human consume 221 tonnes of coal, 1066 barrels of oils, and 93000 metric cubes of Natural Gas per second. Assuming to this rate of consumption, soon all fossil fuels will not sustain for the longer period of time. Hence, soon Human has to accept that solar energy is the only source which provides long-term energy to the end user. Sun has the ability to provide energy every day in the year. The theoretical potential of solar power is 89 terawatts (TW), which represents more energy striking the Earth’s surface in 90 minutes than the worldwide energy consumption for the entire year 2016 from all other resources combined.

For installation of solar, the initial cost is higher any other traditional energy resources. Mainly Solar Panels, inverters, and mounting structure have higher cost an entire setup. To recover the investment we have to wait for 3 to 4 years. Solar setup has the warranty of 25 years, if the recovery period of our invested cost is 4 years then we have the additional benefit of 21 years to utilize energy in free of cost.

Our Mission


To create green environment by advocating renewable energy solutions.

To become a leader in exploring new technologies and their development to harness solar energy.

To become the leader in the development of large-scale solar installations, solar plants and solar power parks and to promote the commercialize the use of solar energy to reach the remotest corner of India.

Execute and operate our projects efficiently and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

To become leader in providing Green Asset of Future to the earth.

Our vision


We at SURYATEJ are always passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on energy from fossil fuels. To be the first choice in the segment of renewable energy services by providing Next-generation Technology considering future values and satisfying every client, every time.

To be the best in class energy solution provider by executing all projects with innovative approaches and providing the best value for customers’ investments by proving optimum solutions.

To be a responsible leader in providing clean energy solutions as well as Green Assets for sustaining the Earth.

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Why Choose Suryatej Solar


Suryatej Solar is an upcoming leading brand in the solar service sector. Since the date of establishment, we have improved our footprints across Maharashtra. We are specialized in the sector of Solar power generation systems (Water Pumps/On-grid and Off-grid Systems). We have installed over 75,000 litres of water heating systems across Maharashtra. The company has developed a range of efficient and reliable products to provide clean solutions for all types of energy needs for Domestic as well as Commercial Purpose.


Long Time to Use

SUN is the ultimate source of energy and considering SUN as a source of energy we developed our products in such a way that it will provide output beyond your expectations. Sun power is available every day of the year.


Always Clean Energy

Solar power is the best renewable energy source which doesn’t produce any toxic gases/substance after installation of solar panels. The generation of solar power will not affect the concept of the greenhouse.


Energy Can Be Reused

Who will say that on tomorrow SUN will rise up but will not give energy? The not even single person on this planet can order to the sun... Sun is independent and best renewable energy on this planet. We can reuse/sold back our excess generated power if it is grid connected.


Used for Many Purposes

Solar energy is transmission of solar power into energy. It has been used in worldwide in many different ways for personal and commercial purpose. Traditionally, human uses in heating, cooking and drying. As on today it is used for electricity generation where there is absence of energy like Rural Areas etc. The grid connected solar power will help to reduce monthly utility bill and now days this is trending type of uses of Solar Energy.


Low Installation Costs

For solar power, installation cost is lower than any other traditional source of energy but, initially investment is higher as compared to others. The return on investment for solar energy is paying utility bills monthly.


Easy Installation

Solar products are easy to install but it will depends upon the capacity of solar product. Low capacity solar product will be installed within a day, but high capacity solar will take time of more than 12 months also. Installation is easy and you can take back the system while shifting your existing house to another.

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