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Bringing Sustainability Towards Energy Utilization

The amount of fossil fuels being used by mankind has been growing day by day and has been impacting the environment and depleting the energy resources. About 80% of the global energy consumption share is of fossil fuels while renewable energy has on 15% of the energy share. With the growing impact on the perishable resources it has become necessary to develop and use renewable energy resources out of which solar energy is the most abundant.

We get abundant form of sunlight during daytime. This sunlight can be smartly used to convert it into various forms of energy suitable for utilization. Solar photovoltaic panels are used to convert this sunlight directly into the electricity which we use daily. The solar PV panels are altogether arranged in series in a solar rooftop system which converts all the sunlight falling on them into the direct current which further is provided to the main supply through the inverter. The solar water pumping system is utilized for the agricultural needs. The solar water heaters also efficiently provide hot water for domestic applications.

The utilization of solar energy has many positive advantages as well. Generation of electricity through solar rooftop system is relatively less costly as compared to grid tariffs.Solar rooftop system has a system life of more than 25 years and doesn’t give maintenance. This system is easily installed and covers only roof space. The return on investment time period for this system is very less. There are tax benefits for the individual who has installed this system on their premises. Water heaters also have prolonged life operations without giving any maintenance. Solar water pumping systems also have similar working life as rooftop system. The only drawback of utilizing solar energy is that it is only available during the daytime.

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