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Suryatej Solar: Renovating Energy Needs

A lot of traditional forms of energy sources like fossil fuels are utilized today on a large scale. But these energy sources are limitedly available and can be exhausted in the next few years. Renewable energy sources should be utilized efficiently to save our future from the extinction. Out of all renewable energy sources like wind, solar, tidal and thermal the solar energy is the most available form of energy source. Due to its abundance and good availability the solar energy is used in many forms for our day to day applications.

Suryatej solar is an energy company which provides installation, commissioning and maintenance of the solar energy systems. Suryatej solar aims to reform your daily energy needs by adapting to solar energy. The Suryatej solar provide installation, commissioning and maintenance of solar rooftop system, solar water heaters, and solar water pumping system, solar street lighting system for residential and commercial applications. They provide solar PV panel, inverter, charge controller, ACDB, DCDB, structure, energy generation meter and net metering for the solar rooftop system. They have solar water heaters ranging from 100 liters to 500 liters of hot water output per day. Solar water pumps from 2HP to 10 HP are installed by their installers.

Suryatej Solar has successfully installed rooftop systems at petrol pumps, institutes, commercial buildings, hospitals and industries. We are equipped with technically sounded professionals having good experience in this sector. We at Suryatej solar are dedicated and committed to fulfill your requirements at our best by providing high quality of the rooftop, pumping, and water heating systems and services. Our professionals always provide you cost effective and convenient solar energy systems. Right from installation to commissioning our professional installers take extreme care of the system so that to provide convenience to the user.

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